Clone Your Best Customers
With Targeted Mailing Lists

Every company has an audience of best fit. Whether you provide a good or service, cater to consumers or businesses, have a physical location or exist entirely online, your organization has a customer that they strive towards more than any other. You know their demographic, their income, their location, and more. The only thing you don’t know? How you can best reach that audience.

Are you looking to get in front of more purchasers? Securing one or several direct mail lists is the most efficient way to get the attention of your ideal audience. But with all of the available options, what targeted mailing lists do you try to procure? With the help of Amazingmail, we will work with the nation’s leading list compilers to help you reach the prospects that are most likely to buy your product or service.

Find the Audience
You Are Looking For

Sending direct mail to consumers that are not within your ideal audience will cause both your marketing materials and your money to be thrown away. Maximize your marketing dollar by only mailing to those within your targeted demographic by utilizing a business mailing list. Amazingmail will help you select the right criteria for your business needs, identify the best fitting size of your target market, and purchase the targeted mailing lists most ideal for your business.

Our assistance doesn’t end when you have your mailing list. Once we receive your list, we will automatically import your mailing list into your online Amazingmail account, allowing for seamless execution of your direct mail campaign. From the initial stages of planning to final delivery, Amazingmail will help you purchase and best utilize your direct mail lists to help design the best direct mail marketing campaign for your needs. Printed and mailed next business day. No minimum.

Success Stories

“Amazingmail has done an excellent job in delivering cards that carry our message directly to the hearts of our donors.”

“I have worked with Amazingmail on everything from a very simple postcard mailing to very complex mailing projects. Their entire team makes you feel your business is important from leadership to sales to their incredible project team. They offer excellent solutions and support throughout the process and have become a valued member of the WM project improvement team.”

“Highland Community College has found Amazingmail to be an effective solution in communicating to students, prospective students and the residents of the college district. They provide the high-quality customer service we require.”